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Town Office Committee

North perspective of proposed Pownal Town OfficeIn 1993 the Town of Pownal, Vermont formed a committee to research the renovation or reconstruction of the Town Offices.

In 2005, the Bartell property was purchased and a 2007 study was funded to evaluate the cost of renovation versus new construction. By 2011 it was determined new construction was the most cost-effective choice for the Town Offices.

In 2014 LineSync Architecture presented a proposal for new construction that was rejected in 2015. In 2016 LineSync proposed three options for the renovation of "Pownal Roost" which was also rejected as it was a higher cost than new construction.

LineSync Architecture, in 2017, has proposed a reduced cost proposal for new construction.

Why a new town office?

  • The current town office is too small. The existing offices are 1200 square feet representing about 22 square feet per person. The new offices are 3,481 square feet of finished space plus additional space for future use.
  • New building will contain space for town hearings near town records
  • The cost of renovating old buildings is usually more than new construction.
  • Private buildings are expensive to purchase and renovate.
  • Continued delays mean more energy costs and inefficient work.
  • New building is 5,162 SF with a main floor of 3,491 SF plus an unheated/unfinished walk-out basement of 1,681 SF which could be finished/heated in the future for expansion.
  • Estimated project cost not to exceed $911,100 and is proposed to be funded by a 25 year bond of $750,000 at 3.333% interest with the remaining monies coming from the municipal office fund.
  • Estimated Tax Rate Calculations: $0.0196 per $100 of assessed value ($19.58 for $100,000 of property value).
  • Using heat pumps, electric heating and cooling is very efficient with propane as an alternative head source.
  • Well insulated siding, windows, and doors will provide significant efficiency savings over the current location.
  • Interior finishes will be of materials and fixtures that are energy efficient and durable to reduce energy and maintenance costs.


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Download the February 2017 Town Office Proposal brocure

East view of proposed Pownal Town Offices

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